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Polish Pottery Place

Pasta Plate - Polish Pottery

$ 38.50


Tales over your tortellini get a unique upgrade with these pasta plate's medley of beautiful colors that lend themselves to new talking points, like, “Where did you get these?”. Hand made in Boleslawiec, Poland, they are chip and scratch resistant and lead and cadmium free.


Diameter: 9 1/4"    Height: 1 1/2"

Pattern ID

Red Roses: 01401537X                                                                 

Desert Flower: 01400102X                                                         

Quirky Butterfly: 01400049A

Strawberries: 01400721X

Bachelor Buttons: 01400976X 

Forget Me Nots: 01400614X 

Love Birds: 01401140X

Green and White Lace Rim: 01400397BX

Yellow Flowers on White Rim: 01400240X

Blue Cornflowers on White: 01400086X

Purple Berry Wreath: 01401415X 

Mosquito Eggs: 01400070A

Large Blue Flowers: 01400163X

Spring Daffodils: 01402122X

Red Floral Wreath: 01401790X

Red Peonies: 01401472X

Green Lattice: 01401628Q

Zigzag on Gold: 01400945X

Orange Poppies: 01401512X