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Polish Pottery Place

6" Bread & Butter Plate - Polish Pottery

$ 19.50


The vivid colors and bold textures created by this hand painted plate make it ideal for entertaining. Hand made in Boleslawiec, Poland, it is chip and scratch resistant and lead and cadmium free. A striking addition to your next gathering.


Width: 6.25"

Pattern ID
Peaches: 26101903Q
Green and Black Tiles: 26101919Q
Blue and Green Tiles: 26101918X

Sky Blue Daisies: 26100655X

Brown Squares: 26102255X

Autumn Sun: 26100670X

Large Blue Flowers: 26100163X

Retro Peacock: 26102164X

Pineapple: 26100848X

Cheery Red Flowers: 26101309X

Pink Flower Power: 26102205X

Coral and Gold: 26101384X

Yellow Flowers on White: 26100240X

Hazel and Gold: 26102178X

Yellow Polka Dots on Cobalt: 26100125

Peacock: 26100054

Mosquito Eggs: 26100070